Cloud Based Software

How do I get a cloud drive for my printing services?

Our Cloud Based Software for printing needs…With us, you do!

Farquhar Cloud Platform Service works like any drive Cloud Platform. However ours allows you to print the files automatically via our user authenticated platform.

Cloud based printing software services allow you to save the designs, so you can print from any device and next thing to do is wait for the delivery to your door / or your client.

What is Cloud Printing and How does it work?

Cloud printing is a technology that allows you to print documents from any location in the world. It is an application that enables you to send your document to a printer online. Then this will be printed automatically.

The process of cloud printing starts by uploading your document on the cloud printing site and then just as simple as entering the printer’s address. After this, it will be sent to the printer and printed automatically. We take care of all the operations in the background.

Cloud printing has many advantages over traditional, centralized printing systems. For example, it can be cheaper and easier to set up, it can be more environmentally friendly because it reduces the need for ink cartridges and paper. This technology allows people with printers in their homes or offices to share them with others on the network.

It saves money as this is print on demand. Thanks to the technology behind this process, it means the whole process is easy to follow, as well as very intuitive and efficient for both ends.

There is no need for samples, therefore, it saves money and time. Our unique software allows you to preview, in a mock up style, how the final result will display.

And more importantly, this is climate positive business.

Definitely this is a win win for everyone, your business, our business and the Earth.

Cloud Based Software