Digital Solutions

Importantly, we are more than just print here at Farquhar and are keen to also bring digital solutions to our clients . Moreover, our digital solutions offered will give you a fully integrated system and will make running any business as quick and easy as possible. As well as being easy, this is also free-to-use cloud-based service for all our customers allows for the safe and secure storage of digital assets. Firstly, we also offer custom website design as well as SEO services tailored to client needs. Secondly, we can integrate this option with stock management and e-commerce platforms. As well as this, it also means so you can track inventory with ease through an automated system

Digital Asset Management

A cloud-based software offering a secure and simple way to store, access and share files. We will create a site is fully branded and customisable for your business. This is a completely free software that we can set up for all our Farquhar customers.

Website Design

Here at Farquhar, we offer modern solutions for website design and development. We will support the process of web creation from an idea to a secure website with your own personalised domain and email. In doing this we will use SEO services to ensure optimal reach and engagement using push-notifications to increase further engagement.

E-Commerce & Stock Control

Stock management is an integral part of any business, we can set-up a customisable, automated stock management platform for your business. This can be integrated with an e-commerce option and is easy to set-up and manage.

Digital Asset Management