Litho and Large Format Print

What is a lithograph print?

Litho and Large Format Print is on trend. The process of lithography/lithographic and offset printing, often known as litho printing has several steps. First the technicians place the desired content’s image on a plate. They cover in ink the plate and use it for printing. Printing on paper, cardboard, and a variety of other materials is possible with this method.

Then the technicians will print the picture or text is by pressing up against the plate. Then the plate will absorb the necessary ink, no more, no less. The technicians will mix properly the inks and place in the proper order requires a high level of competence.

Due to the high quality output and quick turnaround, for printing books, we print them using this technique. As well when we print books, catalogues, and posters. Although it requires more setup time than a digital printer, it runs more quickly.

What are the benefits of Litho Printing as compared to Digital Printing

Both litho and digital printing offer special benefits, and both are effective for a range of uses and applications.

Explained in easy words, lithographic technique uses printing plates and wet ink, while digital printing requires inks resembling an oversized office printer. 

The more units you print, the cheaper will be. The unit cost of litho printing reduces when you print more units. Therefore if you need to print a huge volume of items, is perfect for you despite it will take more time and money to set up but it will be worthy after the whole process ends.

However, as litho printing requires more preparation than digital printing, jobs take longer to turn out. If you have a strict time limit, consider choosing digital printing instead.

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Large format printing

Over the past several decades, large format printing has become very popular, with many businesses embracing it as a branding tool and get seen. With large prints and banners covering walls and several surfaces it really makes an impression and it is hard to miss!

It could consist of banners, posters, windshield vinyl, structure wraps, displays, building wraps, and much more.

Printing on a surface this size demands extra expertise to ensure that the print’s quality and appearance accomplish the intended purpose of standing out in even the busiest of venues.

The wide format printing business has evolved over time, improving the methods and capacities of wide format printing.

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Litho and Large Format Print

Litho and Large Format Print