All Forms of Commercial Print

Here at Farquhar, we pride ourselves in communicating closely with our clients throughout projects and offer a large range of print services. Firstly, we will give you the tools necessary for the branding, advertising and promotion of your business. Secondly, if your printing requirements are for internal operations such as the production of menus, user manuals and stationery, we can help set-up e-commerce and web-2-print solutions. As well as this, we can also assist with direct mail campaigns for direct communication with customers and clients. Alternatively, if you require signage installation and distribution for promotional projects. We also offer printing solutions for custom graphic displays such as vinyl printing and banners, as well as sustainable options to suit all of our clients.

Print Techniques

Print Signage

Direct Mail

Printing Techniques

Litho Printing

Litho is a great option if you’re project requires high-quality printing on a range of different textures. This option will give bold looks and is highly effective for printing large blocks of colour!

Metallic Printing

Offering digital printing and traditional foil blocking as a means of achieving metallics on a project. Producing fine detail and tints and add that extra touch to your printing projects.

Custom Cutting

Useful for the creation of brochures, leaflets and branded merchandise with a custom shape or cut-out design! Importantly, die cut printing can produce any shape and give cut-out sections to give your project a unique style!

Printed Signage

Vinyl printing

Here at Farquhar we provide a wide range of vinyl printing services for custom graphic displays. We will also cater for simple cut vinyl or printed SAV mounted displays. As well as foamboard and dibond. Additionally, our team will work closely with clients assisting with the design and with the installation. As well as the distribution of graphic displays. In addition, by only using high-quality products it ensures that signage can be produced to suit any application. Importantly, we cater for the environment, considering both indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, we also provide sustainable options which reduce carbon footprint. Importantly, all carbon offset however we also like to reduce our emissions as well as offset.

Banner Printing

Offering banner printing onto a range of materials including solid, fabric and mesh. Giving a range of options to suit all different project specifications. We are there for our clients to fully assist with custom designs and will assist with the installation and distribution.

Direct Mail

We will work closely with clients to help them get the perfect design and printing format for a direct mail campaign. We have completed many high-volume and low-volume direct mailing projects, using data services to ensure targeted results.